• Car Decal / Window Decal

• Surface: Clear
• Size:      1.07m x 50y
               1.27m x 50y
• Surface: White
• Size:      1.27m x 50y
• Surface: Frosted
• Size:      1.27m x 50m

The non-adhesive car/window decal (static cling decals) use static electricity to adhere to glass surfaces. The static cling material comes in white, clear and forster with front facing and back facing "cling" options. The static cling decal material allows for either full-colour digital printing or thermal spot colour printing and can be contour cut to produce a custom shape. When properly maintained static cling decals can be removed and reused multiple times by returning them to their liners while not in use. Keep in mind that to reuse static cling decals you must keep them free of debris and dust as well as the glass surface that they are placed upon.