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Electric Hot-Air Heat Gun (QR-866B)
Stepless thermostat & digital display &Regulation accuracy 10°
• Temperature: 100~600 degree
Power: 1800 W
Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz
• Voltage: 220V - 240V

Ratchet Strap
• Colour: Orange / Red
Width: 25mm
Length: 5M
• Break Strength: 400 lbs

Nylon Cable Tie
• Size:
    3.6 x 150mm    4.8 x 200mm
    4.8 x 250mm    4.8 x 320mm
    7.2 x 250mm    7.2 x 380mm
    7.2 x 450mm    7.2 x 650mm
• Tensile Strength: 40 lbs
• Colour: White

Hand-Held Eyelet Puncher
• This manual eyelet puncher in light weight is very easy to take and convenient to use because of its redirecting transmission.

Semi-Automatic Eyelet Puncher
For Fabric, Canvas, Banner,
Poster, Sailcloth, Flexible materials, etc.
Easy to hand press operation.
Fast working with high efficiency.

Automatic Eyelet Puncher
• Coming with 10mm mould
Automatic feeding eyelets, more efficient
No electric, energy conservation and environment protection
• Suitable for all PVC flex banners, X-banner , advertising and so on

Eyelets/Alloy Ring
• 8/10/12mm Silver Eyelets
• 8/10/12mm Gold Eyelets
• 500/1000sets per bag
Framing Cutter
Color: Black, White, Silver, Gold

Size: 2.44m / 3m

Japan NT Cutter
• Standard duty snap-off blade utility knife
• Blade Size: 9mm
• Stainless steel blade-sliding-track / Designed for right and left handed use / With built-in blade snapper

NT Cutter Spare Blade 9mm
 Specification: 30-degree angle design
Material: SK-2 carbon tool steel
• Thickness: 0.38mm, length 80mm, width: 9mm
• 500 blades/box

TJM Acrylic / Plastic Cutter Knife (LC-701)
 Hook-Shaped Plastic Cutting Blade.
Designed to scrap plastic Surface.
• Perfect for deburring freshly-cut plastic edges.

DOSH Cutter Knife
 30° blade 18x100x0.5mm cutter knives
• Auto blade lock system

Retractable Box Cutter Utility Knife
 with Metal SAFETY LOCK
Size: 18mm
• 5 Extra Shape Blades

Silicone Squeegee
• Size: 140mmx160mm
• Application: Car Vinyl Scrape install tools, building tools, industry tools,advertisment film install....

3M Squeegee
• Hand Applicator Squeegee Blue
• Size: 10x7cm / 13x8cm

Adhesive Remover Spray
• NET WT: 450ml
• Can be used for remove stubborn adhesive residue, adhesives & glue, stickers & labels, glue tape, double-sided adhesives

Hi-Strength Spray Adhesive
• NET WT: 600ml
• The high-temperature resistance capability allows convenient aerial work.
Low odor white web spray adhesive.
No corrosion, fast tack with strong strength, long anti-aging time

Magnetic Strips
• Size 10mm x 27mm
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