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T-Safety Ruler

• Innovative finger guard safety fence protects hands from nicks and cuts. 
• Solid extruded aluminium for lasting durability

 Size: 130cm | 160cm

Safety Ruler
• Metal alumunum material ruler safety ruler

 Size: 40cm / 70cm /100cm
130cm / 160cm / 200cm

Cutting Mat

Color: Green
Size:   600mm x 900mm (A1)
             600mm x 1200mm
             900mm x 1200mm
           1200mm x 2400mm

Ruler Cutter Spare Blade

Usage: Replacement blade for Sliding Cutting Ruler

Quantity: 1 packet come with 10 pieces

60" HP Carriage Belt
• Carriage Belt for 60" HP printer

Epson Printhead Cable
• Brand New - Original

Plastic Funnel
• Good for use to pour liquid or inks

PVC Tensioner Tool

• Colour: Silver

• Size: 23cmx15cm

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